Is a Loan or Lease More Your Style?

Car financing conceptualizes payments; it breaks down outlandish sticker numbers into agreeable installments, though the process to finalizing manageable monthly payments takes a bit of work on your part. Not only are you obligated to find a ride but must determine whether you intend on loaning or leasing.

At Capes & Islands Mitsubishi, we strive to minimize car financing hurdles and clarify which financial route is the better choice for you. And you can begin determining the more agreeable option even before joining us in our finance center. To help make things a little less stressful, we went ahead and highlighted the advantages of both programs, so that you have a more solid understanding of the choices that lie before you.

The Advantages of Buying a New Mitsubishi

  • The car is 100 percent your own, giving you free range to do with it what you want. Modify, accessorize or repaint; add your own flair to give it that personalized touch.
  • Never stress over mileage. Travel as much or as far as you want.
  • You can benefit from all trade-in and resale offers.
  • Once you make your final payment, you won't ever have to make another payment--that is until you buy another new car.

The Advantages of Leasing a New Mitsubishi

  • You can experience that fresh car smell and feel every few years.
  • You get to make considerably lower monthly payments.
  • You benefit from Mitsubishi's extended warranty for lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • You have plethora of options comes leasing end.

Find the new Mitsubishi model that suits your lifestyle, and then find corresponding payment plan by joining us here in South Yarmouth, just a quick drive over from Barnstable, Plymouth and Harwich. Have any one of our finance associates help get you set up with a manageable payments.

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