What Does the Information on the Side of a Tire Mean?

You may wonder why you need to know about the information imprinted on the side of your tire. Even if you take your vehicle to a shop to have your tires serviced, it’s still beneficial to you to have a little working knowledge of the basics. The series of abbreviations are fairly straightforward.

There is sometimes a letter that begins the segment. A “P,” for example, represents passenger car. The three-digit number, 225 for instance, signifies the tire’s width in millimeters. There are a slash and a two-digit number, perhaps 65. That means that the tire’s height…

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How Salt & Sand Can Save You from A Serious Injury This Winter

One of the harshest times of the year for many of us is the winter season. Colder temperatures, longer hours of darkness, as well as snow and ice all play their part in making winter one of the hardest times of the year. One of the biggest threats is ice and snow.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2014 there were over 42,000 workplace injuries involving ice or snow. The same threat is present just outside most of our homes each winter in the form of a frozen sheet of ice where our driveways should be. Sodium…

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It’s Time to Know the Difference between All-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive

With all of the different off-road capable trucks, SUV's and crossovers on the road today, you certainly have plenty of options if you are in the market for one. And with all of those options on the configuration, you also have options on the drive train. Before you make your decision to purchase though, be sure to understand what those differences are. Many people get all wheel drive and 4-wheel drive confused, but there is a difference between the two.

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How Horsepower Came to Be a Common Term

Nowadays when we purchase a vehicle of any kind we equate the term horsepower as a measurement of the vehicle's relative strength of the movement. In other words, the more horsepower, the faster it will go, or the more load it will be able to haul.

The term horsepower came about during the 18th century when the famous inventor, James Watt was looking for a way to sell his steam engines. He wanted a way to impress upon his customers the great power of the steam engine as it worked. One day he was observing ponies hauling coal from…

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How Dashboard Warning Lights Can Save You Money

A dashboard warning light saves you money. It can also save you time. It can also save you from being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Dashboard warning lights help communicate issues to the driver. They should never be ignored, but rather quickly addressed in the local area.

Our service team at Cape & Islands Mitsubishi is adept at handling dashboard warning lights. You might experience an oil pressure warning light. This could mean several things. Our expertly trained technicians will see if your levels are low.

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Safety and DIY Pre-Road Trip Inspection Tips

If you're planning a road trip this traveling season, our staff at Cape & Islands Mitsubishi would be happy to give you a few tips to keep in mind. Arriving safely is, of course, the top priority. We'd also encourage you to stop in for routine maintenance and any repairs prior to departing. These tips are easy DIY things you can easily check at home:


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Warranty on Used Cars

A warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product. Whenever you buy a new product, you expect a guarantee. It gives you the confidence that the product will serve you as required.

If the product fails to serve you as expected, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to rectify the product for it to continue serving you efficiently. Likewise, today, it is possible to get a warranty on used cars.

There are different certification programs as well as extended warranties that come along with certain used vehicles. These programs act as a guarantee...
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The Role of Gap Insurance

So, you are very proud since you have become the owner of lightly used or new car -- congratulations! But hold on. You are soon involved in an accident, and the car is badly damaged, or it has been stolen. What next and it is only a year or two after buying your car. Are you still in a position to continue making payments on it? This is where Gap insurance comes in as a life saver. Gap insurance helps you when your car is…
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